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Packing for Relocation: An Ultimate Guide You Should Remember

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If you wish to pack yourself before moving, it is crucial to understand where to start and how to do it efficiently so that you can have control over everything.

According to most experts, you should do it by room, and mark all boxes with things that are inside; because that will help you unpack them quickly after, you reach a new destination.

You should check out the article about commonly forgotten items when moving to avoid the common issues that are happening due to chaotic schedule you will have during the relocation process.

The process is stressful, and it can turn your head upside down, which means that you have to create a thorough schedule that will provide you less hassle along the way.

Supplies That You Need For Packing

  • Boxes – You will be able to purchase boxes by contacting a moving company, but that may prove more expensive, but less hassle. At the same time, you can search around, if you have enough time, to get them free. For instance, you should visit the closest convenience store or supermarket so that you can see whether they have some unwanted boxes they would give you. Just use charm, and you can handle everything you need. Most of them feature leftover boxes, and they do not know what to do with them, so if you show in the right place at the right time, you can get them free.
  • Padding – It is vital to protect your belongings by using a bubble wrap, especially when it comes to fragile and expensive ones. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, you can use old T-shirts, towels or socks to get the same effect.
  • Blankets – During the relocation process, it is vital to protect your furniture such as table from scratches, especially if you are moving everything by yourself. You do not have to buy them separately, because you are probably having old house blankets that you are not using or the ones that you use, so instead of placing them in separate boxes, you can protect the furniture edges with them.
  • Tape – You will not be able to find a substitute for amazing duct tape that can hold everything you need and even things that you did not think about.

The easiest way to learn how to pack boxes with efficiency is by checking here.

You should remember that it is essential to pack similar items together. It should start by packing each box with padding such as newspapers. Then you should pack the most cumbersome items, and label each box by its contents and room you want to place it.

At the same time, you should pack, a few days before the moving, your essentials such as snacks, tools, drinks, change of clothes, toothbrushes, cups, plastic utensils, plates, first-aid and other things that you need to have close to you.

The Kitchen

  • Refrigerator – You should start using your food stashes and storage a few weeks before moving out. You do not want to bring frozen food that will melt along the way and cause havoc to your other belongings. Apart from that, you should start defrosting a refrigerator at least two days before moving to avoid leakage that may happen inside a moving truck.
  • Dishes – You should pack bowls and plates together, and if you have items such as fine china, you should wrap them individually by using bubble-wrap or paper. It is vital to do it for all breakable plates that you have. On the other hand, if you have plastic plates and bowls, they do not require plenty of protection, but you should still place them safely.
  • Glass – Since every household relies on glasses in numerous forms, you should do the same thing as with dishes, which means that you should wrap each piece individually before you place them inside the boxes. In case that you do not have sectioned boxes, you should avoid stacking them one on another, unless you have separators that will increase the protection. You can also use padding to protect glasses as well.

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  • Silverware – If you own silver, you should use the packaging to avoid hassle along the way. In case you do not have it, we recommend you to pack them in sets and cover with plastic and paper. For convenient and regular silverware, you can use plastic storage boxes, but have in mind that you should sort them by function. When it comes to sharp knives, you should place them in separate boxes from other silverware.

The Dining Room

  • Table – If you have removable legs, you should completely disassemble it so that you can reduce the storage footprint. You should leave legs and table in blankets to avoid problems that may happen with edges and scratching.
  • Rugs – You should roll every single carpet and wrap it in paper or plastic.
  • Chairs – At the same time, you should wrap it in blanks so that you can enjoy all the way.

The Living Room

  • Chairs and Couches – You will be able to reinforce everything and handle them with care while carrying them to a truck.
  • Electronics – We recommend you to put computers, TVs and other electronics back in the original packaging in case that you have them. You should double secure when packing small appliances by adding duct tape. In case you do not have original packaging, it is vital to wrap all electronics in blankets and towels and place them in boxes. It is indispensable to fill the open spaces with padding such as blankets, socks, and towels among other things.
  • TV Shelves and Stands – At the same time, you should completely protect them by removing glass pieces and wrap it in blankets so that you can increase the overall protection.
  • Lamps – If you have plenty of lights, the first thing that you should do is to remove lampshades and bulbs. Store them in boxes by adding cushion that will protect them throughout the process.

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