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How to organize a birthday party for children

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Children’s parties can be more fun than adult parties. You do not have to be that serious and you can let kids have fun outside for Kids Birthday Party Singapore. In addition, by the end of the day all the energy of the children will be spent, and they will fall asleep early in the evening and you will have your little evening.

Organize a Birthday Party for Kids

1. Choose a theme with your child

While it may seem like you do not need it, having a theme will help you know what decorations to buy, what food to plan for and what games to plan for. Character-themed parties are popular (think SpongeBob or Scoobidou), but general themes work well too (pirates, fairies, princesses, cowboys, etc.). Unless they want something that is not appropriate, give your children creative freedom to choose the theme. Sit with your child with a pen and paper and write down any ideas you like.

Some themes will obviously be more difficult than others. Go with your child to do the party shopping and see what is available. It will be easier to choose a theme based on what you have at your disposal.

2. Refine the details

There are some questions you must answer: What day to organize the party? How long will it last? Where will the party be? Are there certain things that could prevent children from coming? At what time of day will you start your party?

Take into account the age of your child. As a general rule, the younger is the child, the shorter the party. You do not have to entertain children all day, a few hours are more than enough. If you do not want to organize parties in your house, think of outdoor activities or a room rental, you can find different rentals and organize a big party with all the family and some friends for example.

3. Prepare invitations (which correspond to the theme!)

Once you have all the details of the birthday party, it’s time to finalize the event by preparing the invitations: write down the start and end time, the address, what each child has to bring (swimsuit, costume, etc.), if there will be a meal so that parents can plan accordingly and any other useful information.

To know how many children to invite, a good rule of thumb is your child’s age plus 1. And if some parents can come, it’s perfect! It is best to have 1 or 2 people to help with monitoring and cleaning.

Making invitations in the theme of your party will help other children to be faster in the theme on D-Day. Your child can hand them over to school (if possible discreetly) or you can give them to parents if the child is too young (or dizzy!). Your child should not distribute them in front of those who are not invited, the best is to give them to the teacher who will give them to each child.

4. Buy decorations

A party shop is your best bet, or you’ll end up touring the city for days in search of decorations. And if they do not have something specific, do not hesitate to ask them. They may be able to order it for you.

You can also make your own decorations if you like to tinker and create with your children.

Another idea would be that some children could come a little earlier to make decorations themselves, if they wish.