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Making a Rewarding Furniture Buying Experience

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Let’s face it, at a time when there so many furniture retail stores, you need to be on top of your game to keep the customers coming. But, how? You might ask. Well, sometimes it’s the simple strategies that work the tricks.  Need some inspiration to leverage on the vibrant furniture niche?

In this article, we’ll highlight some handy tips and practices that can help you keep your sales moving without investing in aggressive marketing campaigns.

  • Flexible payment options

Honestly speaking, buying furniture is no cheap affair. Whether acquiring just one set or several units for a complete home furniture overhaul, a sizeable budget is necessary. No doubt, most consumers prefer spread out payments considering it reduces the weight of the cost unlike upfront cash payment. Availing flexible financing packages would allow more pocket-friendly buying experience and in turn influence repeat purchases is the way to go.

Provide top-notch face-to-face customer service

With increased competition from online retail giants, perhaps one fantastic way to up your game is to provide an experience not possible online or via the phone.  For one, furniture unlike other household items is a long-term investment thus so much is at stake. Make a wrong choice and most likely you’ll be stuck with that bad decision for years.

To save your buyers from eternal regret, try providing wholesome customer experience covering all aspects of what they are interested in buying. That way, they are best placed to make the right decision.

  • Visuals matter

Among the first things that influence furniture buying decision is the looks. By and large, buyers consider how a given piece of furniture will appear in their space.  And because first impressions generally matter, consider investing in visual tactics not only on the actual furniture but also on every other operational aspect. For instance, you can develop home furnishing illustrations showing alternative decorative themes. That way, customers lacking ideas can easily be roped in on available choices.

  • All-in-one product-service package

Another popular approach to granting a rewarding furniture buying experience involves offering a blend of products and services. Think about it- would you prefer being offered a related service in-house other than sourcing it elsewhere. Of course, yes! Bundling a product and associated service makes perfect sense. For instance, once a customer purchases a set of furniture that would require assembly on delivery, consider providing after sale services such as installation and maintenance.

  • Limit the alternatives

While providing one or two alternatives is good thing- too many options could work against you. And it’s all about the paradox of choice. Too many options can be overwhelming to an extent where one can’t make a choice hence cannot buy. So, yes! As unwritten rule, limit the choice range purposely to give buyers an easy time choosing.

  • Introduce a loyalty program

It may sound obvious but over time loyalty programs have become quite beneficial to retailers. Like the name suggests, the idea should be about building consumer confidence and trust in products so they can keep coming back. And you shouldn’t stop at issuing rewards card and points- the target leading to a reward should be realistic and achievable. That way, the motivation will be high hence increased participation.


A rewarding buying experience means a win-win situation for the buyer and retailer. And it doesn’t have to use conventional strategies employed by market powerhouses. A little innovation and tweaks on the usual strategies can work as well.

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