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A 5 Month Old Teething Baby Will Have His First Tooth Anytime Now

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When Babies Teeth

Babies, such precious little things. We love and adore them to pieces. We protect them and provide for them. We do ANYTHING necessary to keep them safe from all harm; including pain. But some pains are a part of life; teething pain specifically. Sometimes babies may begin teething around three to five months of age and typically most children have all their baby teeth by the age of three.

Some Side Effects

It is an unavoidable fact of a baby’s life; sore and achy gums. This causes them irritation and pain that can lead to crankiness, crying, and the loss of sleep; which ultimately means the loss of sleep for you as well!

How to Tell if Your Baby is Teething

There are several ways. The first indication is increased irritation. Your once happy baby seems to always be fussy and un-soothable. The second is a more drooling. Yes of course babies are little drool machines; but it will increase when they begin to teeth. Another thing to pay attention to is your baby’s appetite. They will eat less due to the new pain in their mouth. You will also notice a lack of sleep. Pain keeps us awake at night; babies included. Finally, you will begin to see that their gums are becoming redder and more swollen. This is from the teeth protruding just below the gum’s surface as well as them gnawing on any and everything. And that is another one, the increased “gumminess”. Babies love to put any and everything in their mouths, but you will notice that they begin to excessively gnaw or chew on things.

Simple Solutions

Well fortunately there is the internet, which has led you to this very article. Continue reading on for five pediatrician recommended tips for soothing a 5-month old teething.

Frozen Wet Cloth

This one is an oldie but goodie. Just take a clean damp cloth and pop it in the freezer. Give it to your baby and let them have at it. The coldness will numb their gums and cause vasoconstriction, which will decrease swelling.

Frozen Food

Any regular food that your baby normally eats can be frozen or chilled. Gogurt (on the go yogurt in a tube) is perfect for freezing and letting them gnaw on, or even a banana. You can also chill some applesauce or even your baby’s favorite baby food for a cool soothing treat.

Teething Rings

These are the most standard items in any baby shower gift. The plain plastic rings are great for everyday but the ones with the gel are perfect for a 5-month old teething. Just pop them in the fridge or freezer and hand me over to baby.

Teething Biscuits

They come in a variety of brands and flavors, but they are all the same. They are designed to be sugar-free and dissolve easily. Just be sure to lightly brush or wipe down your baby’s gums and/or brand-new teeth.

Manual Massage

Sometimes just using your clean finger to massage your baby’s gums will provide them with relief. You can even just let them do the gnawing themselves.

Hopefully these tips will help to provide some relief for your teething baby.

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