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The social skills that children learn when they take part in sports

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Most kids love kicking, throwing or catching a ball, so why not take advantage of that by getting them involved with a team sport? Team sports not only give children access to regular exercise, which is incredibly important, especially as childhood obesity levels appear to be at an all time high, but it also helps to build their social skills.

Taking Part

All team-based sports help to build self-confidence and maintain physical and mental health. If your child enjoys playing one type of sport, finding a team for them to join will benefit them even more. Some children, especially younger ones, may not be ready for team sports. This could be for a variety of reasons – they may be too shy or just not show any interest, but you can help by playing with them at home to help build their skills ( Taking part in team sports has been known to help children who are natural more reserved and perhaps a little shy, but it is important that you find a club that is happy to work with the child and go at their pace.


Everyone in the team is working towards a common goal, so it’s important to know that even when the outcome does not go your child’s way, they are still part of a large support network who are all in together. Many coaches will help to build on this team mentality by giving them a uniform to wear. For example, Discount Football Kits, such as those that can be found at can help them feel unified and closer as a team. Learning to work together as a team can be the most challenging part of teaching children to play team sports. They often will all gather around the ball at once and view the game as a solo activity.


When part of a team, your actions affect everyone, not just yourself. Learning this important lesson will help your child understand the importance of responsibility and how it can have a knock on effect. They must also learn to juggle other commitments such as school work around sports, so they must eventually be able to learn the importance of time management. This is a wonderful skill to have as they move through their school years and out into the world of work.


Not all children will master the same skills at the same time, so patience is an important skill that they will learn. They may be waiting on another child learning a new skill before the team can progress, or just be waiting their turn in practice. Either way, this inevitable waiting around may often occur and will help teach your child that it’s ok to wait.

Problem Solving

Each child can bring their own specific set of skills to a team, but it will only be successful when they all work together. By problem solving, the team will learn how to beat their opponent and the best ways to do so. It’s also a great skill to have in times of conflict, where they can work out the best way to calm the situation down.

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