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Holidays always bring the perfect time to party with family, friends, or relatives. Nothing brings a memorable experience like a wine tasting party. It provides a perception that you would spend a lifetime to achieve if you only have to taste one variety at a time. And again, it is even rare to open five varieties of wine bottles for yourself. One thing with wines is that they start to make sense, and you notice the differences when you taste a wide array of bottles alongside each other.

If you are in a wine subscription club for mummies, you have obviously attended wine-tasting parties, and you know how fun they can get. So, why not grab a couple of bottles and invite friends over for a party? Here are some tips to help you host the most memorable wine tasting party ever.

Select a theme

Selecting a theme is always a fun part. You may decide to feature an array of chardonnays from California or only red wines from the Rhone Valley or a unique variety that your friends have never heard of. Whatever type you choose, ensure they are similarly styled wines, for instance, rich, bold reds or dry white ones. Choose a specific region and look for different vintages of the same wine. Vintages may vary in price, but it is the perfect way to know how age affects a wine’s flavor profile. You can always ask your friends to contribute to cover the costs. The number of bottles you buy depends on your number of guests. Have in mind that one 750ml bottle can comfortably serve five people in well-sized pours.

Consider the food

As you buy the wines, you need to factor in the food too. Ensure you offer your guests food that is good enough to soak the wine up. Try to research how wines, acids, tannins, and different dishes interact with each other. You can decide to go with bites or to serve a seated meal. A meal will need more planning, while the guests can comfortably serve as they want for the bites. Whatever choice you make, ensure your food combines well with the wine variety to bring out a spectacular taste. Let your guests know what food is available beforehand so that they don’t arrive with empty stomachs, and you are only serving reds.


You will need some supplies to compliment your wine tasting party. You need all the necessary glassware. Although one glass is enough for each person, two glasses will be better for comparison and better taste. Have palate cleansers and spit buckets to help your guests get rid of unwanted wines. Provide pens and pads for taking wine notes and avoid tinted glassware.

keep it intimate

A small group makes a wine tasting party perfect. However, if you are hosting a large number, you will have to buy more than one bottle of each variety of wine so that everyone gets a taste.  If it is your first time, a small number is easy to manage and encourages genuine conversations as you enjoy the wines. Do your math well and ensure you consider guests who will want to re-taste, of course.


If you are not conversant with wines, have your wine supplier select some for you. Try out blind tasting-disguising the bottles and allowing everyone to make a genuine evaluation of the wine without recognizing its identity. That makes a fun and objective wine tasting party.

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